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By dissolving contemporary dance, circus, theatre and music, Black Stroller aims to be an open laboratory for the experimentation, creation and diffusion of performing arts.
Our marked difference will make the border between each area imperceptible, resulting in an agile and dynamic language, which encourages reflection and questioning by making use of amazement and perplexity.


Da' Show

"Perplexity, Subjectivity & Chaos"
All that is solid melts in the air, Does anyone think he has found a psychic base common to all mankind? How can one expect to put order into the chaos that constitutes that infinite and shapeless variation: man …” Karl Marx
By developing a mobile mini stage, Black Stroller offers a high quality dance and acrobatic show that can be performed everywhere. The design of our stage which is a blend of artistic and technical skills allows a dance and circus performance to be shown in any space without losing the quality of the work.

Dauer der Performance: 25/30 Minuten.



Da' Artist

Performance Art

Ivan YAher

Dance/ Choreo


Ivan YaHer is a professional dancer specialising in Contemporary Ballet and Acrobatics, who enjoys exploring other stage disciplines such as Physical Theatre and Circus, as different ways of expressing himself. In addition to performing, Ivan is also a dedicated acrobatics and handstand teacher.


Ivan began to give classical ballet classes on the Mexican schools since 2009. He continued in the transition from graduation to China by giving private lessons of contemporary dance to artists renowned of the Chinese National Troupe. Back in Mexico, Ivan returned to his old school for train professional contemporary dancers. He also teach/ couch in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Circus AcroConvention(dance, creative expression, improvisation). Since 2014, he teach handstand in the Association of Gymnastics Alsatia Huningue.




Marquis is a Composer, Sound Designer, Musician, Educator, and Foley/Sound Artist currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The central focus of Marquis's work is utilizing sound and music to convey a sense of "Discovery" to his audience. "I think we're all familiar with the trope of the child who builds a pots and pans drum-set in the family kitchen, after discovering that various ones make different sounds when struck. I'd like to take that concept and expand it in any way I can. Whether I am helping to establish a setting with my compositions, teaching someone about a concept or issue through my projects, or just experimenting with new sounds in my music, I hope to instill that same sense of exploration and wonder to whomever is listening to , interacting with, and experiencing my work."

In 2019, McGee founded “The Soundsmith Guild” an organization dedicated to Sound Art.

He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with concentrations in Saxophone and Musicology and has worked professionally as a performer and composer in venues and festivals such as The Wheelock Theatre in Boston Ma, , Big Ears Music festival in Knoxville, TN, The Exposure Science Film Hackathon in Lausanne, Switzerland , Basel Theater in Basel, Switzerland, and many others, as early as the age of 5.

Josh and Cloé


Josh and Cloé are partner acrobats from Switzerland with roots in Poland and Luxembourg. In 2017 they started training intensively together and in 2018 they went to a Circus School and started performing.Currently they are studying in the circus school INAC in Portugal. Moving gracefully, without ever stopping they created their own style of flowy partneracrobatic movements. Their creations unite their athletic and personal backgrounds designing a unique act. Emotionally moving however at the same time thought-provoking.

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Mau Aguilar.

Dance/ CHoreo

Profesional Nomad Vagabond Strange Stranger Foreigner Anomaly
A Kratos
Sweet home - golden cage
No acceptance
Who is the stranger?
If not a bearer of change
Who does he belong to?
If not to the eternal moment, an ephemeral present

Who does he obey?
If not the wind and his weird lullaby song
He who wonders the earth extends his roots
They have called me Trotter, sky walker
The moon looks at me and she's proud
From the west or the east, anywhere
My prayer grows to her



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